This past decade has transformed the relationship between America and its housing, especially when it comes to renting. While the recession pushed many to rent out of necessity, the economic expansion which followed, coupled with changing attitudes towards family and homeownership, lead to the rise of the renter by choice. Rentership rates expanded across the board—from young families to seniors, from city cores to suburbs, many Americans have shifted away from homeownership.

Millennial life style is also the reason for this change. Millennial have shift their life style from staying to moving. They move more often, love freedom and less likely to stay at one place for long time. That’s also apply to the real estate market, millennial tend to rent more than to buy. They only live in one place for 2-3 years and move to the next for more experiences.

Ohana planned to be the next generation of renting platform. We create Ohana to help millennials get flexible leases to support their mobile lifestyle. On Ohana, our users are connected to housemate communities that are supportive of who they are and wanna be, thus, creating positive impacts on their social well-being.

For those reason, we strive to explore new place to support millennials. And America, the dream land is our next place. Come and join us in our Ohana community to keep the mobile lifestyle going, we will be your friend, your supporter on your way to new experience.

Let's begin your journey with us!